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Comments and Suggestions

Please feel free to send us a message to:

We endeavor to reply within 24 hours. You can also call us at (02) 9747 4277

Translation Services

We can arrange translating services should you need one. Alternatively, you can call 131 450 or email or visit the website

Older Persons Advocacy Network

Do you have other concerns about our service delivery? You can contact us or seek assistance from OPAN at 1800 700 600. Alternatively, you can also visit the website,

Aged Care into Quality and Safety Commission

We highly value your rights. For additional information, you can contact 1800 951 822 or visit the site


Meet the Family

We have a multi-cultural environment and we highly value tradition, culture and religion in the facility. 

Our Recent Work

St. Ezekiel Residents

This is a compilation of our last quarter's activities for our consumers.

SEMNH Outbreak Management Plan

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, SEMNH has updated its Outbreak Management Plan spearheaded by the Infection Prevention and Control Team

St. Ezekiel Moreno Nursing Home

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