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Featured Services

We offer services that are just like home. 

Leisure and Lifestyle Activities

We have a dedicated team of Recreational Activities Officers all week long to ensure meaningful activities are provided to our residents.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitative Programs

We have physiotherapists on site on weekdays to ensure the success of our rehabilitative programs.  

In-house meals and laundry services

We have our own kitchen and we ensure that quality home-cooked meals are served daily. Families are also welcome to bring food provided that they sign our Food Safety Register.

Recreational Activities

We have a dedicated team that looks after the consumers' well-being. Groups and partnered recreational activities vary every according to the individual needs of the consumer.

Registered Nurses and Monitoring

We have several registered nurses, always on shift and even ready after hours. We ensure quality care by providing our staff members with continuous education and monitoring, enhancing their individual skills necessary in delivering outstanding care. 

In house home-cooked meals

We have an in-house cooked and all meals are prepared in our kitchen daily. We also have a dietitian  that reviews our meal plan to ensure the quality and nutritional value of the meals being served to our consumers.

Allied Health Professionals

We have physiotherapists that come in the facility on weekdays. They provide rehabilitative programs to the consumers. 

Additional service includes podiatry, or other referrals. 

In house laundry services, and more.

Our Infection Prevention and Control team monitors  the cleanliness and sanitation of the facility. Additional services are provided within the nursing home including laundry services. 

Complaints and Suggestions

We highly value feedback and suggestions. Family and residents' feedback is collected to ensure that they are engaged and involved in our planning and continuous improvement.


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