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St. Ezekiel Moreno


St. Ezekiel Moreno is the patron saint of cancer patients.  

St. Ezekiel Moreno was an Augustinian Recollect. His was known for his simple and open spirit, a devote of Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Born in Alfaro, Logrono, Spain on 9 April 1848. He was raised in a poor family, but was rich in Faith. He professed his vows as an Augustinian Recollect in 1865 and was ordained as a priest in Manila, Philippines in 1871.

Over the next 15 years, he brought the Gospel of Jesus to the people of the Philippines. He was called back to serve in Spain in 1885 as a Rector of the College and Novitiate of Monteagudo.

He also went to Columbia in 1888, where he devoted himself to missionary activity. He brought renewal to the Augustinian Recollect communities in the region.

St. Ezekiel was named in 1894 as the first Vicar Apostolic of Casanare, and ordained bishop of Pasto, where he remained until 1906. He served as a voice of strength for his people.

In 1906 he was diagnosed of cancer, and returned to Spain for treatment.

He died on 19 August, 1906 and was beatified by Pope Paul VI in 1975. He was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1992.  

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